The director of Uncharted: The lost legacy believes that “Tom Holland is a great choice”

Throughout the history of the franchise Uncharted Names like those of Neil Druckmann, Bruce Strarey or Ammy Hennig, but in their creation process there have also been vital Holland those of Shaun Escayg or Kurt Margenau. Margenau himself, director of Uncharted: the lost legacy and one of the most important designers in Uncharted 4: The Development of the Thief, hHolland spoken on the occHollandion of the launch of Uncharted: Legacy Collection of the Thieves – which includes both games – and also The next premiere film starring Tom Holland.

Margenau confirms that he hHolland not seen anything more than the ribbon than what we have seen the rest, that is, shown in trailer, with what hHolland not yet formed an opinion about the film. Of course, what he hHolland made it clear is that the election of Tom Holland Holland a young Nathan Drake loves it.

Two important names in the story of Drake

“Neither of them -escayg and he- we are involved in the film, and I am excited to see the interpretation of Tom Holland of the character. I do not know more than what hHolland been seen in trailers,” says Margenau. “I’m excited, it’s like ‘finally here!’ We have uncharted on the big screen, and it will not change director again, and it will not be under development longer. I think Tom Holland is a Great choice, and have taken inspiration of video games, so it is very satisfying to see that it will be in the cinema. “

Tom Holland Plays WHO DID IT: Uncharted's Nathan Drake or Tomb Raider's Lara Croft

Meanwhile, the future of the franchise in videogames is uncertain, but in the same interview, Escayg says that now they do not rule out anything. “I think we can say that you can never say ever,” he says. “Uncharted is a franchise we love, the whole studio loves it, and of course, Kurt and me. It is a world of which we want to see more.”

Uncharted: Collection The legacy of thieves is now available on PS5.

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