Nintendo 64 gets new release after 20 years – but it is not a game

The N64 is a real cult object and always stores many fans in the game shelves. While Nintendo has delivered an extensive range of great games, the production of new cartridges has been quiet for more than 20 years. A fan interrupts this drought with an extraordinary music release.

Music album on the Nintendo 64

While musicians are usually distributing their songs today on Spotify and Co., the artist Remute goes completely different ways. This publishes his latest music album R64 namely in a pretty unusual way: in the form of a cartridge for the Nintendo 64 .

This cartridge is not only the first commercial release after two decades, but also the very first music album for the retro console .

The album contained on the Cartridge includes 15 songs , which range from Electro Pop to Techno and House. To get a small audio sample of the 64-bit sounds and see the creative head behind the whole, you can watch this short YouTube video :

When playing on the N64 console, the beats of visual animations are accompanied on the screen – remute extra has brought the help of the N64 developer Rasky. And even the sounds are authentic and work with the existing 8 megabytes at storage space – no cheating with embedded MP3 player or compressed WAV files.

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Sega, Super Nintendo and Game Boy follow

The album R64 is not Remute’s first enterprise to bring a music album on a retro console to life. He has already published albums for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Boy and the PC Engine. Further should follow. Because R64 is only the beginning of an album trilogy. The next two parts will appear on the Game Boy Advance and Sega Dreamcast . There is also a re-release of previous albums for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The current album will be on 25. March appears, is compatible with all N64 models and can be purchased from Remute on the bandcamp page.

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