Lost Ark: Do not solve your pioneer packages at the launch immediately!

Although LOST ARK sets a Free2Play payment model, but the responsible persons at Amazon Games and SmileGate offer four optional pioneer packages , which you can buy before the launch on February 11, 2022. In the context of just under 15 to 100 euros, you move priced. An advantage of all packages: You can get started three days before the official start, so on February 8, 2022.

Further advantages of the packages

The packages have, depending on the price, but still much more to offer. For example, a special pet, royal crystals for the Ingame shop, skins, titles, character enlargement places and a special riding. The following trailer introduces you the Ingame Goodies of the pioneer packages.

This is what the 30-day activation of the optional subscription “Kristalline Aura”, which offers you the following advantages:

Avoid THESE Servers on Lost Ark NA Release!

  • Free Triporter use (speed trip between portals)
  • Over-seafor fee reduced by 50 percent (speed between continents)
  • \ + 1 daily relationship
  • Natural regeneration of life energy + 10 percent
  • \ + 2 usable bifflocks (fast travel to stored locations)
  • Decal time Song of the return – 50 percent (Rufstein-Pendant, 60 minutes instead of 120 minutes)

  • Fortress: Research Time – 10 percent

  • Fortress: Production Time – 10 percent
  • Fortress: Expedition time – 10 percent
  • Fortress: Action Energy – Standard Regeneration Quantity + 10 percent
  • Activation of “ultimate antistress” for the fortress training ground (twinks “Afk” levels from level 50, requires high-level main character)
  • Title crystal beneficiary
  • Special companion functions (companion inventory, remote storage, market, remote mail, remote repair, grinding)

The subscription bonuses are not climbing, but above all noticeable the speed-trip comfort. Click here for the official overview of the pioneer packages of Lost Ark.

Do not trigger your package immediately!

For many of these advantages, it should be noted: As soon as you open the package with a character and collects the Ingame Goodies, many of these bonuses are bound to the server of your hero. Say: You can use the pet or riding on all characters of your account created on exactly this server.

However, if you would notice later that your whole friends play on another server, or that on your Realm, especially players from other countries frolate, then you would have to leave many of the pioneer package bonuses during a server change (source). By the way, with ASTA, there is already an unofficial DE server , where many German guilds and communities want to get started. What you do not have to expect: long queues to start as New World . Why that is so, we have explained to you in the linked article!

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