Palody too full! Retro style action ADV “Vanillabeast: ACE in the Hole” announced -kickstarter campaign from March 15

Vanilla Gaming Company has published the Steam Store page of Retro Style Action Adventure “ Vanillabeast: ACE In The Hole “. KickStarter Campaign Start Notice is also made.

This work is an open world action that draws the success of the Vanillabeast “Vanillabeast”. It was Vanillabeast where a certain case was triggered by the opportunity, but I decided to find the resurrection of the existence that kills women in the night city. I will challenge the various incidents with the battle and beauties of mysterious organizations. There are also rich mini games such as golf, boxing and racing in the game.

This work is self-proclaimed with “Parody game” on the Steam store page. The published “Demo INTRO” is a praise of the famous agent’s movie work, and the newly affected game list is introduced, and the screenshot of the game was also seen somewhere It is only one of the atmosphere.

Also, in the official Twitter, we introduce that some porno actress games are participating. After all, sexy content is essential for the activity of the ugly arms?

“Vanillabeast: ACE In The Hole” plans to release 2023 Q3 for PC. KickStarter Campaign will start from March 15, 2022.

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