Kim Seung-soo “Metta Bus Industry Promotion Plan”

Kim Seung-soo, the power of the Kung-suk held the ‘Metabus Content Development Planning Commission’ in the National Assembly on the 9th. Professor Kim Jin-an Executive Professor Kim Jin-an Executive Professor Kim, Myung An Antique, Kaist Women’s Professor Kim Jae-in, Seoul Women’s University, Professor Kim Jae-ha, Kim Jae-ha, Professor Kim Jae-ha, Dance Studio Lia Kim, Epic Games Korea Shin, Gwang – Woo, a lawyer,.

Overall, the metabus industry is not tied to the existing game industries, and the opinion gathered in need separate promotion policies. The current statute associated with the metabus is based on the Law Relationships and Consumers in accordance with the Act on Regulations on the Relationships of Contract Relationships and Distribution of Content, Whether or not it is applicable.

Kim Seung-soo said, “The metabus is a platform that is a platform that is a platform with a fusion factor through society, economy, and cultural activities such as real world,” said Kim Seong-soo. ” It is time for institutional backing of fast technology development. “

Kim Myung-ai Research committee needs to clarify whether the “Metta Bus Industry Development to Develop Metropolitan Metabus and Non-Game Content Regulations, Regulatory Regulations for NFT Usage Metabus Contents,” and “Metabus I need to introduce negative regulations on the economic activity of my professional shoumer (such as Prosumer, the production and consumption role). ” Negative regulation is’ not this only, and the rest is regulated.

“The cultural activities in the virtual world are more active to cope with difficult situations such as the Corona 19th of Corona, which contraceptives to the 4th industrial revolution and mankind activities,” ” In the future, cultural activities in the virtual world, such as valuable metabuses, “he expected. “The metabus seems to have an infinite possibility and creativity that can not be implemented in reality. “We need to make efforts to create new value creation and industry-based composition of the content industry that matches the metaverse era,” said Woo Buri.

Lia Kim choreographer heard a Come on Lilan Dance Studio case. Based on the 9th, the number of Dance YouTube channel subscribers is 2,4.8 million. “AI technology, which utilizes AI technology, is a good content to represent users, but it is not a revenue model,” said it is not a revenue model. “In the real world’s K-POP sound source, In the virtual world, the rights of the chiefs are not recognized. ” “Because the compensation is not going to the actual creator, it is expected to have a great difficulty in building the metaverse economy,” because of the “maintenance of the law system on copyright or rights to the content generated by the metabus,” did.

Currently, the Dancing Studio is looking for several activities for copyright resolution, especially to use artificial intelligence technology to recognize choreography behavior in the image to analyze the similarity of motion of dance and analyzing the similarity of dance. Copyright We are studying certified technologies. “Even if it is not dance or choreography, the legal and institutional support is necessary to recognize the rights to the metaverse content creator,” he said. I expected to jump forward to the meta bus economy. “

Shin Kwangwi, defined the metaverse, “consuming various activities and content in a real-time 3D content environment that is interreveloped. He said, “It is a very important and essential challenge for us now,” which is a very important and essential task for us to support and foster more actively, “he said. “I have to prepare for a person,” he said. He added, “It is also necessary to create an environment where students learn and practice through public facilities support for government-level public facilities.”

Kim, a lawyer, emphasized, “the web 3.0 era, which is not a platform service provider,” the webs of users who are leading and creating their profits and values. ” Web 3.0 is personalized, decentralized, and value sharing. It is a concept that distributed vast data on the Internet, distributed and returns to individuals who are data providers again. “The Web 3.0 core is expected to be central to voluntarily contents within a naturally formed metabus, rather than a content, any business or platform migration.”

As a legal issue of Metabus, Cassoline Kim lawyer is a data protection policy △ Data protection policy △ The core in the format, and the core in the creator-centric economy, the core in the creator-centric economy, We believed to establish established definitions and personality regulations on assets. “He said,” We need a reasonable and appropriate legal institutional basis and policy to promote the development of the metaverse industry that can harmonize and welcome the world’s leading rights. “

“Most of the meta buses are discussed in a platform-oriented policy or prospect, and a distress for distribution, such as the production and consumption of content, such as the production and consumption of the content,” he said, “” Notepting, or that Korea is the IT powerhouse, but the platform that leads the world could be the desire to overcome the rearless reality as much as the meta bus. “

“In the future, the platform is already in the situation that the platform follows the content, that is, the content is already in the situation that the content is expected to expect the environment,” said the content is already in the situation that the platform is expected to have a platform. ” It is difficult to invest in universal IT technology such as communication network and device, but it is realistic that it is possible to invest in universal IT technology development, etc. “He said. He emphasized that “enabling the production of metaverse content and the preemptive investment and system of the National Assembly Culture Sports Tourism Committee and the Ministry of Culture Physical Education Tourism for fair distribution.”

The government is a step of setting up and enforcing the budget of W16.8bn this year to promote the support of Korean material’s metabus content. We will start support for creators on the current several meta bus platforms on the current multiple meta bus platforms that are putting a budget of the Millar Budget, traditional culture, Hangul, performances, fashion, games, and so on. The institutional improvement is also propulsive to supply 3D archive data, which is held in the various data required during the production process of the content.

The Team Leader said, “There are a lot of concepts that ensure that content and users of the creative, in the event of a collection of creatures in the context of the creative, the rectangular area of ​​the copyright, and the strategic utilization policy of a lot of controversial NFT, “We have to find the direction of being equipped with implications,” This is why “the content of our country is the level of the world, and in the early stages of the metabus development, and the amount of distribution to receive quantitative quantitative expansion and fair price If you create a system, the metabus can develop while the content of the content is equipped with a platform, and it is expected that our platform emerging of our platform leading the world as the creator of our country is thicker. “

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