Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed again

Since 2020, Know Interactive and Boss Team Games announced _ Evil Dead: The Game , an experience _Multiplayer that was originally planned to debut in 2021. In the middle of last year, its developers confirmed that the game He had delayed until February 2022, but now they have done it again, so we will have to wait a little more to play it.

Again, the notifier was shared via twitter , where they made known that _ evil Dead: The Game _ Now it will be debuting May 13, 2022.

The first delay of the game justified him by saying that this additional development time would serve to add a Single-Player section, but on this occasion they simply said they need more time to create the best possible experience.

Will Evil Dead: The Game Be Delayed AGAIN?

Editor’s note: Maybe it’s just me, but I do not have a very good feeling about this game. For the little I have seen from him, I feel that it is another attempt failed to take a well-known and established property, and turn it into a fairly simple video game. I hope wrong, since Evil Dead is one of my favorite sagas.

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