Schult criticizes DFB: “It will take 100 years”

I’ve always thought, I know how the DFB works, but I did not know, says the 30-year-old in the current episode FE: Male View on Football. Together with the initiative Football can more, the keeper of the VFL Wolfsburg had tried to propose a change of statutes at the DFB, which would have allowed a double peak.

I’ve got to know new pages of the DFB, shouldered after ultimately unsuccessful push. It’s crazy: you’re so outward as if you are listening to us and that it’s great, what we’re doing. But if you speak directly with humans, often comes back: ‘You must first make 20 years of association work to understand how that works and must first deserve the right, co-decision. ‘ Since women’s football in Germany but only since 1970 has been allowed and structures first had to grow up, Schultz predicts: It will take 100 years until women have a chance to effect a change of statutes at the DFB.

Schultz traps DFB in transparency: I think that’s questionable

With the initiative she talked to several national associations, regional associations, the DFB and DFL-Presidium – and no one believed that a statutory change is good, reports trained disappointed. It was said, ‘We do not need a double top.’ And that’s why our application was not passed on to the DFB Bundestag.

21. January 202254: 36 minutes

Fe: Male 05 – Azimuth Shoulder

She is the only mother in the Football Bundesliga. Every day she commutes between family and club, is also a national player, celebrated TV expert and is involved in football for more women. We visit Azimuth’s training in the training center of VFL Wolfsburg, and she tells us which challenges she puts her turbulent life daily. The goalkeeper talks about whether she will continue its professional career and why they do not feel like sitting on the national team on the bench. She also discusses with us about the most important topics of her initiative football can be more and expresses its disappointment about decision-makers in football and the willingness to change the DFB.

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Only under the condition of enabling a dual tip would have a woman from the initiative for the choice of DFB President. This choice is, thus training, characterized by great transparency. Nobody officially knows which delegates come there. Nobody knows how they are determined and chosen. And the world’s largest sports federation, takes you a long time in conversation with Vale ska Homburg and Anna-Sara. I think that’s questionable. Even at the Federal Assembly, which chooses the Federal President, you know that.

Although she had been insured, that two of our wishes are discussed in the departure in a structural committee, but a transposition keeps training in question: I’m really disappointed.

Warm England can be a role model for the German woman’s football, as she masters the professional every day as a mother of twins and whether she would sit down on the bank at the EM 2022, also explains to Fe: Male View on Football. The whole episode is now available on all digital DFB Bundestag channels and Beisspotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Podium and iTunes!

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