Schiele: “This speaks for the character of the team”

In the morning, Eintracht-Coach was interviewed to the current uncertainty of game alignment in the 3rd league, a few hours later it was time again: The Braunschweig announced a Corona case on her club website, the game against Zwickau on Wednesday (19 Clock, live! With game alignment) but not endangered.

Only in game bags goes the tension away


According to its own statement, this message is likely to have brought Schiele and his team but not too much of the version: We have always managed to keep the focus on the focus. Even if it was speculated that a game could fail, says the 43 -Year-old at the press conference on Tuesday. This speaks for the character of the team. We always prepare as if we were playing. Only when the game is canceled, a bit of tension goes away.

This definitely gives a fight.

Michael Schiele about the game against FSV Zwickau

Schiele will hope that his team will not be lost this time the tension. With the FSV a very robust team is waiting: They come a lot about the two-fighting, which is certainly a fight. Zwickau is a very physical team with an aggressive style of play, which can still play football. They play well from Out of the back and have strong players in the midfield. We have to be prepared and hesitate no second.

The coach of Braunschweig believes, despite the Zwickau qualities, that his team with our playful components, our athletics and our intensity can also be well-behaved. Contract goes with a broad breast into the duel: With a victory, the BTSV would conquer the second place in the table, the last defeat in the league had to accept the leader in November against leader Magdeburg.

We want to go to Zwickau and build on the results of the last games, says Schiele. With the right tension in the team, the chances are not bad.

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