Roll Balance Destroyed Culinary Chemical Engineering Dragon Temporary Exit

The chemical engineering dragon evaluated as the balance collapse in the league of legend (hereinafter referred to as a role) disappears from a gorge for a while.

Riot Games announced on the 25th, to disable the chemical engineering dragon through the official homepage. Through user surveys, the chemical engineering dragon collapses the balance, as it reveals the balance, as it is due to the exploration of this monster, the monster will not appear in the game for a while until the balance adjustment is completed.

Chemical Engineering Dragon is an epic monster added to the roll 2022 season, and it imparts the effect of increasing the damage to the opponent that is higher than that of his team. Here, the soul effect is to be a zombie, even if death during the battle, allows you to get your life for a while. The problem is that the effects that have been talked earlier are too powerful and affecting the balance.


In fact, professional players criticized that if the opponent has acquired the soul, the fact that five people have to deal with 10 people. Instead of eliminating the bush, it was evaluated that the terrain effect that lays the fogging and the team that has also been deprived disadvantageously. In the end, we have conducted user surveys on the Chemical Engineering Dragon on the operating jeans, and the result is reflected in the game.

This decision is not a deletion, but as a focus on ‘Reading’, the chemical engineering dragon is likely to come back to the canyon. However, the time was not yet revealed.

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