Probably no dot deduction for the KFC Uerdingen

As the KFC announced on Monday, the Association Court of the West German Football Association found that the registered association was financially dependent on insolvent football GmbH. The insolvency of the E.V. is thus due to the bankruptcy of the GmbH and thus would be in no context with the planning of the current season – and would therefore also bring the association to no advantage.

Through the point deduction and the forced descent in the past season, according to the court’s ruling, a renewed point deduction – this time nine counters were initially decided – would therefore not comply with the purpose of sanction regulations. The procedure was thus rejected to the Sports Committee.

To make the impossible possible

In the Regionally West Herding currently occupies the last place with nine points, the devoted verdict should now provide a sporty upswing. The KFC chairman Damien Reith speaks in a club message of a great success for our efforts, although sporty a few points removed from the non-settlements – currently the residue is at the saving shore ten points.

We hope, however, that this judgment releases new forces in the club and the fans so that we are attacking again correctly. Already against Cologne we are very dependent on the support of our fans to make the supposedly impossible yet possible, says The fight announcement of Rates. On Saturday (14 o’clock) Herding meets the second representation of the 1st FC Cologne.

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