After Derby victory warns coach Urs Fischer before convenience

To 14:52 the team bus of the 1. FC Union Berlin left the stadium at the old forester to the airport. Four fans and a dog – all in Union outfit – adopted the players before the away game on Saturday (15:30) at Russia Mönchengladbach with encouraging gestures.

After violently cheered Derby victory on Wednesday in the German Cup first knockout round tie with Bertha BSC (3: 2) traveled Union anyway with a lot of momentum in the direction of North Rhine-Westphalia. I hope we can take advantage of self-confidence. Victories help you. It really was a special game, the first derby in the Cup. We have then also won away, said coach Urs Fischer. We have this difficult task solved with flying colors. You have to take, but also classify. Convenient must not be 1. That’s the challenge for us all. It is modest to stay.

This difficult task we have solved with flying colors. You have to take, but also classify. Convenient must not be one.

Urs Fischer

Union is undefeated in the league for four games. Playback experience, however currently a tangible crisis. With the Populous on Wednesday at second division side Hanover 96 (0: 3) there was another low point. Mönchengladbach Union could in the Bundesliga (1: 4, 1: 1) but never won.

fishermen want to deal with Playback’s quality, not with their crisis

In addition, Fischer did everything possible to sensitize their teams. Mönchengladbach is in no easy situation. It is important that we do not deal with the situation of Playback, but with their quality. This is undoubtedly present. We want to confirm our past achievements and again come to the limit, said Fischer.


Rotation: opportunity for Jacket and Trimmed – Comeback Gießelmann?

The Swiss announced its intention to rotate. At center-back Paul Jacket could come into play. For him, then Time Baumgartner or Dominique Heinz would have to give way. On the right-winger Captain Christopher Trimmed should instead be asked by Julian Ryerson.

On the left wing, it smells like a comeback of convalescent from his thigh injury Nike Gießelmann, even if veteran Bastian ACIPA his thing last in the league against TSG Cofferdam made and in the Cup against Bertha about 90 minutes each very tidy (2: 1).

Ruse and Voglsammer seem set

In midfield Genii Yamaguchi could play for Kevin Ostinati. It will be exciting in Worcester front. There are actually put on the bench a few reasons Max Ruse and Andreas Voglsammer. Ruse has the extra ideas for attacking play, Voglsammer met both against Cofferdam and in the city derby. However, Herald Becker scrapes with the (fast) hooves. Kevin Bearers were missing after a last Covid disease a few percentage points. He fights ran itself.

newcomer Shepherd still needs time – must completely healthy are

Midfielder obligation Andrei Shepherd (Tunguska Spread) comes in quickly reunion not with the executioner Marvin Friedrich for use in question. The Hungarian brought from the preparation in Slovakia with a minor injury. On Friday, he began to Köpenick with the rehab program. The point break, we spent two weeks time. The important thing is that now he is completely healthy again and then to get into the team training, said Fischer. Also, for the friendly on Wednesday (16 am) against second division Erzgebirge AUE Shepherd is still not an option.

Can the change candidate van Dongle and Whole audition?

Maybe can collect some match practice in this game Defender Rick van Dongle and midfielder Pawed Wszołek. The duration reservists could resume training on Thursday or Friday after recovering from Corona disease again. Both players are considered hot transfer candidates. The anticipated loan at Rick of Dongle was previously allegedly because of his illness not yet concluded. Matthias cook

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