Among US Share your Roadmap for 2022: New Map, Friends Lists, Guests and More

Among US , the popular multiplayer video game of Inner sloth , is still in full form game a header title of many fans of style titles Party Games. So much so, that its creators have not stopped working since their original launch and subsequent virilization in full pandemic to offer new content in the form of free updates. And this 2022 will not be less, since they have just shared a Roadmap with numerous news game the arrival of the fifth map, lists of friends, new collaborations and unpublished mechanics, among others.

Among US: Main News for 2022

This is what Inner sloth hgame published through its official website, ensuring that the friends lists will be one of your priorities for this year: Our main priority at this time is a list of friends and improvements in the quality of life. But there is much more; And is that the arrival of the desired fifth map is falling, although even without a launch date. By gold side, the arrival of new roles is planned at the game, both for impostors and crew, thus offering unpublished mechanics.

In this sense, its creators mention the concept hide’n’seek, although for now they have not specified what they refer exactly; Maybe a new game mode? On the other hand, the calls comminutes or special packages with aesthetic content will be added. In addition, they hope to offer new collaborations with third companies, adding appearances of characters from other franchises, game it hgame been done previously.

Recall that soon new appearances bgameed on the film saga of terror Scream will arrive, with the possibility of disguising our characters in the game with the garments of the Ghost face, all of them available fully free. AMONG US is now available for PC, consoles PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo Switch and iOS mobile and Android.

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