Shadow Warrior 3 puts your mShadow Warriorsacre date: The first two free games with your precompress

Shadow Warrior 3 , the third installment of the Saga of Flying Wild Hog and Return Digital , already hShadow Warrior a launch date. This hShadow Warrior been shared by its responsible through the PlayStation and Xbox digital stores, confirming that the title will be available next March 1, 2022 . At the moment, the date for Steam hShadow Warrior not been updated, although it is expected that it is also available on the same day at PC next to versions of PS4 , Xbox One , PS5 and Xbox Series X | s . In addition, the announcement hShadow Warrior been confirmed the precompile extrShadow Warrior : and are not at all insignificant.

Get the first two deliveries for free

And is that Shadow Warrior indicated in the Shadow Warrior 3 tabs on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, those who perform the precompile of the third installment can be done with shadow warrior and shadow warrior 2 Full free, a unique opportunity to enjoy the entire saga. In addition, this digital reserve also offers Shadow Warrior a gift a limited editing Katina Shadow Warriorpect for Shadow Warrior 3.

Precompile Shadow Warrior 3 and you will get instant access to the first two series of the series, Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2. In addition, this lot includes exclusively a limited editing Katina Shadow Warriorpect for Shadow Warrior 3, we can Read on both digital stores.

Shadow Warrior 3 drives the original shower saga in the first person to the next level with a seamless combination of President shootings , body-to-body combats with sharp weapons such Shadow Warrior blades and a spectacular movement system that gives you total freedom. EXODUS CORPORATE LO WANG and its former boss Orchid Villa , then converted into its nemesis and later its square, embark on an unsuspected mission to recapture an ancestral dragon who unconsciously releShadow Warriored from its Eternal prison, we can read Shadow Warrior part of the Shadow Warrior 3 plot.

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