Pokemon Go – Table of types, strengths and weaknesses of each type of Pokemon, effective attacks on raids and incursions

This short article is devoted to the implementations of the Pokémon parlor game of Nintendo for TV as well as the cinema. The collection as well as cinema movies are computer animated by OLD.

Pokémon Go , like any other game of Pokémon, revolves around a system of types of Pokémon , in which a type is stronger or weak against another, resulting in additional or reduced damage in battle.

The strengths and weaknesses of each type have evolved as generations have appeared, and although for many it will be a second language, for novices it can be a bit confusing.

With this information you will be able to overcome the incursions or raids to fight against, for example, the legendary Pokémon.

Home arrived January to Pokémon Go, the second legacy patching month that comes with the monthly challenge of PX!

Here we have the new field destinations, community day, the classic hours of the outstanding Pokémon and the beginning of season 10 of the GO combat league. Check the changes in the Pokémon alignment of the Cliff, Carlo and Sierra leaders as well as Giovanni as of November!

Han arrived Pokemon Gen 8 of the Gala region (sword and shield) and the maximum level limit has been increased to 50, so we recommend methods of rising XP climbing, and we help you fight with our reliable table of Pokémon types Go.

Battle table: weak and strong points of each type of Pokémon

The Reddit Zehipp0 user at The Self Road was the first to transcribe the new specific table for Pokémon Go as a result of the information extracted by GitHub, so thanks to both by the work of him.

Type | Fort against | Weak against | Resistant to | Vulnerable to | Normal | None | Rock, Ghost, Steel | Ghost | Struggle

Fight | Normal | Flying, poison, psychic, bug, ghost, fairy | Rock, Bic ho, Sinister | Flying, psychic, fairy
Flyer | Fight, bug, plant | Rock, steel, electric | Fight, Earth, Plant | Rock, electric, ice
POINT | Plant, Fairy | Poison, earth, rock, ghost, steel | Poison, plant, fairy | Earth, psychic
Earth | Poison, rock, steel, fire, electric | Flying, Bic ho, Plant | Poison, rock, electric | Water, plant, ice
Rock | Flying, Bic ho, Fire, Ice | Fight, earth, steel | Normal, flying, poison, fire | Fight, earth, steel, water, plant
BICHON | Plant, psychic, sinister | Fight, flying, poison, ghost, steel, fire, fairy | Fight, Earth, Plant | Flying, Rock, Fire
Ghost | Ghost, psychic | Normal, sinister | Normal, fight, poison, bug | Ghost, sinister
Steel | Rock, ice, fairy | Steel, fire, water, electric | Normal, flying, poison, rock, bug, steel, plant, psychic, ice, dragon, fairy | Fight, earth, fire
Fire | Bic ho, steel, plant, ice | Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon | Bic ho, steel, fire, plant, ice | Earth, Rock, Water
Water | Earth, Rock, Fire | Water, plant, dragon | Steel, Fire, Water, Ice | Plant, electric
Plant | Earth, Rock, Water | Flying, poison, bug, steel, fire, plant, dragon | Earth, water, plant, electric | Flying, poison, bug, fire, ice
Electric | Flying, water | Earth, plant, electric, dragon | Flying, steel, electric | Earth
Psychic | Fight, poison | Steel, psychic, sinister | Fight, psychic | Bug, ghost, sinister
Ice | Flying, Earth, Plant, Dragon | Steel, Fire, Water, Ice | Ice | Fight, Rock, Steel, Fire
Dragon | Dragon | Steel, Fairy | Fire, water, plant, electric | Ice, dragon, fairy
Fairy | Fight, dragon, sinister | Poison, steel, fire | Fight, bug, dragon, sinister | Sinister, steel
Sinister | Ghost, psychic | Fight, sinister, fairy | Ghost, psychic, sinister | Fight, Bic ho, Fairy

Changes of types in Pokémon GO with respect to main deliveries

As you will have noticed, no type immunities in Pokémon Go , unlike the main series. The immunities that have been eliminated are the following:

  • Earth immune earth
  • Earth immune flying
  • Immune phantom to normal and fight
  • Normal and fight immune to ghost
  • Immune steel to poison
  • Psychic immune to sinister
  • Fairy Immune to Dragon

Finally, it is worth noting that in Pokémon GO there is a change in the traditional types we see in the traditional series:

  • The ‘not very effective’ and ‘superefective’ movements cause a 0.8x and 1.25x damage, instead of 0.5x and 2x of the main series.

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Generally, taking into account the types will have less effect than the one in the main games. That is due to the reduced role of the battles currently in GO, but also that the effect of one type versus another is lower. We also have less control over the Pokémon we can find for our team, which is part of the reason why those damage modifiers have been balanced.

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