Despite Zwayer statements: Fall remains closed

Despite the new entries of referee Felix Player with regard to its entanglement in the manipulation scandal for his former colleague Robert Holder, the Zwayers court of the German Football Federation (DFB) does not see any need for action.

The case is finalized. There is no reason to rummer the case for Zwayers facilities, said the Zwayers court chairman Hans E. Lorenz the SID : A resumption process could only exist if there is a new evidence would give. But there can be no speech.

Player had previously been denied that he once accepted money from Holder or another person to manipulate a game. I have never been offered money, I was never reported by an intended or performed game manipulation, said the Berliner at Sky : I have never received money from Robert for any participation in any manipulation of a game.

Thus, Player of the file situation contradicts around the Holder scandal in 2004. Consequently, Player has assumed wizard money from Wiretap Holder. Later, Player covered the scandal, a manipulation was never demonstrated despite lock.

However, Player was not blocked because of the alleged acceptance of the money, where his statement was against the Holders. The punishment received Player because he had not revealed his knowledge of the manipulations of Holders.

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