Street Fighter: a logo for 35 years and surprises to come

Born in August 1987 on Arcade Terminal, the Franchise Street Fighter will celebrate 35 years in 2022, and Cap com’s side, we start teaser the arrival of small surprises. While waiting to know what little grooves will be around the world’s most famous Boston game, the Japanese publisher presented the logo that was done on this occasion. Rather sober and different from that of the 30 years, it highlights the figure 35 with the original Typo of Street Fighter that fans will have recognized. Of course, impossible not to think about the announcement of Street Fighter VI that should be done this year, Cap com working on it for a while already, knowing that Luke, the last DLC fighter of Street Fighter 5 will be the binder between the two episodes. Moreover, according to the escape of Cap com in 2020, Street Fighter 6 will arrive at the 2nd semester 2022.

Finally, know that Street Fighter will not be the only video game license to celebrate its 35 spring this year, other series like Final Fantasy, Mega-Man, Metal Gear and Double Dragon will have the same age in 2022.

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