The creator of Dreams receives an offer of employment from a European developer

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A creator has received an offer to use a European developer impressed by his work on the PS4 exclusivity of Media Molecule.

Reeves is a powerful but accessible tool that allows players to create and share their game with the community. It is considered a way to democratize the development of games, and this case suggests that it could actually do it.

The game is available in anticipated access since April 2019 but came out in its complete form just two weeks ago.

A creator, nicknamed Jimmyjules153, was approached by a software home after sharing his game Blade Gunner, a tribute to house market resign.

I was approached by a European game development company that asked me to join his team, said Jimmyjules153. ESCAPIST MAGAZINE. I’m excited about the future and where it can take me!

Blade Gunner quickly became a favorite of fans on Reeves, presented in an official Livestream of Media Molecule. This is one of the first games that players learn when they start their adventure in the title PlayStation 4.

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I did not expect the kind of support my game received, but it makes me happy to have entertained so many people, added the Creator. There are brilliant games on the front page, and it’s an honor to be chosen to be among them.

Rises has just been launched on PS4, but a PC version is also widespread, which would help stimulate the user base and the number of possibilities that this tool would offer creators.

It also works on PS5 internally, confirming Sony’s plans to run the game for a decade, at least.

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