WhatsApp sayings at Christmas: These news are particularly funny

For those who forgot to send the Christmas mail, Christmas greetings for WhatsApp are just right. We have a contemplative, but also funny selection of sayings.

Germany — for the second time in a row Christmas is the sign of Corona. Again we can not celebrate Christmas Eve as usual in the circle of the big family. Due to contact restrictions, many celebrations 2021 take place only in a small round. It is all the more important to show all friends and family members that we still think about them — even if you can not see them. With a nice greeting at WhatsApp for example.

Christmas greetings for WhatsApp: Beautiful sayings for Christmas — despite corona crisis

The messenger app scores on the holidays above all due to speed and simplicity. So if you forgot to send a postcard to friends, relatives, or the family, you can still enjoy them with a WhatsApp message. Text messages are shipped in the NU and even without contact and mouth proof mask! It really is not easier (more digital news at Christmas mail).

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If you do not come up with any sayings or greetings yourself — no problem: We looked around for you and picked up some beautiful WhatsApp news, which you can send to Christmas friends and family. Simply copy, insert with WhatsApp and get started. So you definitely have enough time to unpack the holidays gifts and enjoy the delicious food. Merry Christmas!

WhatsApp: Funny sayings and greetings for your friends for Christmas

When choosing your WhatsApp saying, you should think closely, for whom should be the message. You want to surprise your friends? Then funny sayings are a good choice. Here are a few suggestions:

WhatsApp for Christmas and Christmas Eve: loving sayings for your family and partner

For family members or the partner — if you can not celebrate together — it may be loving and intimate at the saying. But we also have the right suggestions:

WhatsApp: Sayings and greetings for Christmas 2021 About Corona

Those who prefer to send some fitting to the Corona pandemic instead of fun or loving languages ​​— no problem. Also, there is the right WhatsApp greetings:

If it should not be a saying or greeting at Christmas — with Google there are a variety of pictures with Christmas motives. And also with WhatsApp there are many gives that you can use for free. Simply click on the small stick icon next to the input field and get started.

Whoever wants to make his WhatsApp yield more individuals, can naturally decorate the contemplative lines with a few Emojis. The messenger has even in the appropriate Christmas look ready.

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