Mihoyo details the first major update of Genshin Impact for 2022

Genuine Impact lost since his first exit in 2020. Now that the game is still strong in 2022, it belongs to Photo to continue to support their flagship title. And now we have details on what this extension will look like, entitled Fleeting Colors in Flight.

Designed to arrive at the servers on January 5, 2022, this update introduces the new Enkanomiya zone, a submarine island with an artificial sun. You will need to use this sun to solve puzzles at the heart of this new play area. This old land is constantly threatened by the abyss, eroding on the sides and infesting the lands of monsters.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
The Lantern Rite Festival is also returning, offering a chance to a new four-star character named Life. His flying palace will have a special function in the lantern rite, so it’s not a random inclusion!

Finally, the next update of Genshin Impact offers two new characters: Run Jin and Hence. Run Jun is an opera singer (with the vocal talent of a real opera performer!) Who uses Geo Vision, offering bonuses of statistics to allies. Hence weapons the Cry element and uses his HAST weapon to inflict damage and support his allies.

More details can be found on the Genshin Impact website.

Genuine Impact is an acclaimed MMO that has often been compared to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But unlike this game, Genuine has an undeniable and manifest anime style — and simply delights from this look. It is available for most modern platforms, including mobiles, and is free. The Xbox players have not yet seen this title reach their coast, but if you are not among them, you can dive into this new world today.

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