Black Desert Mega patch bremicle all the ways around winter

The Black Desert (Arabic: الصحراء السوداء, a-a ran as-sawdāʾ) is a region of volcano-shaped and extensively spaced mounds, dispersed along around 30 km in western Egypt in between the White Desert in the south and also the Bavaria Sanctuary in the north. A lot of its piles are covered by lava sills, providing the particular black shade.

Although the author of these lines stops the class design and the combat system for the printers of Black Desert (next to the graphics), it can not be denied that since the Korea launch in July 2015 a bit of dust accumulated on the original archetypes has. And since the providers of online role-playing games think in the long term, there was now the modernization of Pearl Abyss!

Mega patch with 700+ innovations

Specifically, on 22 December 2021, an enormous extensive patch for Black Desert appeared, which is 876.63 MB heavy and incorporating 718 innovations. A focus of the patch is to deliver the already mentioned reboot for all classes. Expect:

General adjustments for your character, which is pace, buffs and rebuffs, but also gripping talents, defense maneuvers and more.
In character creation, there are even more options for the construction of your old EGOS.
Pretty much every skill was touched and changed.
New skills were supplemented.
The sequence of combos falls smooth.

BDO Завершение Осеннего Сезона? Начало Зимнего Сезона? Сброс Территорий?
Impomparities and bugs were eradicated.

This section alone includes about 41,000 words in the official patch notes. Who logs in to Black Desert for the first time after the patch, should at least fly the changes before, so that there is no unsightly surprise in the first fight.

Winter season 2021 is started

Another important point of the update is the start of winter 2021. On the special season servers you can now create a new hero and quickly upgrade it into the steps. In the course of the season, you can expect exclusive advantages such as a business bonus, support boxes for each stage or the secret shake of the fog swath, with which you can get additional talent points. There are also special equipment for you, with which you can cover your way.

If you have certain goals with your season character, waving special rewards. There are also exclusive season quests and games content, such as the challenge adoration: Sycarakia, which keeps high-level players neatly on trot until they can eventually combat struts of the grudge.

Official patch notes of 22 December 2021

The update still has a lot more to offer, such as innovations for the post-war or bug fixes. The complete list of adjustments can be found here:

German patch Notes of 22 December 2021 for Black Desert

What does it look like, have you already looked at the innovations? How do you like the retreaded version of your class? Betray us in the comments

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