The very anticipated exclusive Xbox series X reportedly far away

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According to reports, one of the exclusive games for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Consoles is far from its launch. There are many great approximate Xbox games, including fibula 4, Perfect dark acid, hell blade II, Declared, The Elder Scrolls 6, and Star field. There are also unannounced games that Xbox fanatics look forward to, as the next delivery of Engagement. It would be his first not g warning of the game since he took the reins of the Epic Games series.

According to the new report, this new IP will be launched at some point in 2023. This means that Gears of War 6 will not be launched up to 2025 as soon as a launch of 2026 on the table too. The report comes from the Xbox Rand filter road to Thor 19, who claims to have heard the same of the informant and filter of Xbox, Jet Borden, during a recent episode of the UNC podcast.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the report. If something of this is true, we do not know. That said, even if everything is completely precise, it is also subject to change. And, of course, the problem with rumors about the distant release windows is that they have very little responsibility, which means that they are generally false. However, the source in question has proven to be reliable and of good reputation in the past.

Since it took the reins of Epic Games, The Coalition has struggled to capture the heights of the original trilogy, as well as 343 Industries has fought with aureole since it replaced Bungee. That said, according to many, Gears of War 5 was a step in the right direction after Gears of War 4. In fact, the Comic book critic did not have more than positive things to say about it:

« Entrances 5 is incredible from start to finish and, when playing on PC, it is easily one of the best ports for the platform, it is read in a fragment of our game review. Despite the few setbacks with the servers, I was able to play completely in ultra-free configurations, and that is hardware that is not exactly the last and better. The images are beautiful, the gameplay is fun and bloody, the campaign is sincere with incredible performances of the cast and is a wonderful experience from start to finish and beyond. This is a title that the fanatics of the series will not want to miss, and it is a brilliant example of how the coalition has left its mark on the franchise.

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