Phasmophobia Update 0 5 0 2 Patchotes Carlos Hurtado

Homophobia is a computer game of independent survival fear created as well as released by Kinetic Gaming. The game was participated in by awaited gain access to via Steam for Microsoft Windows groups in September 2020, in addition to digital fact assistance. He received a wonderful influx of popularity the following month since lots of Twitch and YouTuber streamers played it, mostly in the weeks as well as days prior to Halloween. On October 15, 2020, the game was the 6th most popular on Twitch. It was the best-selling game in Steam globally for several weeks from October to November 2020.

Update has arrived for homophobia, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Update 0.5.0 brought many new contents, from new spirits to performance improvements and various sound effects. Increase the quality and immersion of the game as a whole. This patch does not bring any new content, but it fixes many of the mistakes that occurred after the last update. Everything is new with Homophobia Update

Homophobia Update Patches


You can not ask the mind to go hunting with the Ouija board during a hunt
Voodoo doll cards release the hunt now instead of the animation
Several improvements as the mind navigates to you during a hunt
Heinous ice-cold breath is now only visible in rooms with freezing temperature
The ghost can no longer choose asylum fillers or staircases as favorite room
The view of the mirror in the room of the mind now turns on instead of resetting each time when you look at him
Several improvements in the way the spirit hikes
The likelihood that the spirit hikes has been reduced
The cursed possessions can no longer be used outside the place because there is no risk


UPDATE 0.5 BANYAK ITEM BARU !! - Phasmophobia Gameplay Indonesia

An error has been fixed in which the mind could not kill you if you were in some open cabinets
An error has been fixed through which you could stop searching for hiding questions
It was fixed a bug where the mind could stay in Ledgeview on the black car
An error has been fixed when the Ouija board was held as it was broken, and she could not be killed
An error has been fixed in which the summary circle consumed only 20% mental health when the mind appeared, rather than 16% per candle
An error has been fixed in which the lighting of the summoning circle has reset the hunt for a hunt
An error has been fixed in which the music box always spawned on asylum
An error has been fixed in which the mind always wandered between the floors
An error has been fixed, through which the mind could remove far from his room when he hiked several times in a row
An error has been fixed in which the water of the Tangle wood kitchen sink was not properly aligned
Multiple fonts and problems with missing characters fixed
An error has been fixed in which the handle of a blue bucket disappeared when it removed from it
An error has been fixed in which the Ouija board was broken immediately when used by a VR player

With this update, players can enjoy the new content as intended. The errors treated in this update come from the Ouija board and cause some problems with ghosts that walk around the map. All these corrections will smooth the gaming experience.

Homophobia is now available on the PC. For more information about this update, see the official Homophobia Steam page.

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