Dungeon Munchies makes you hunt monsters to cook them

Since the summer 2019 on PC, Dungeon Munchies has been announced on Switch during Indie World of December 15, for an immediate exit on the Nintendo console. In this action-platform in Pixel Art, the player embodies a zombified character and responsible for eating hostile creatures around after cooking them to get out of a mysterious underground complex.

Because by recovering ingredients, your acolyte, the Dead-Vivante Simmer, can save you some specific capabilities, and so offer you new possibilities of gameplay. You will not be able to swallow only seven dishes, so you will have to make choices and opt for a combination of winning skills among a hundred dishes available. In addition, the pieces of creatures you will not be able to ingest will serve you to crater new weapons. A title that is already a little perched, and which will be proposed around twenty euros on the shop of the switch.

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Dungeon Munchies | Switch Gameplay
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