Hallescher FC Cruiser disappointed after next bankruptcy

Hallescher FC, often still called by its former preferred name Cherie Halle, is a German organization football club based in Halle a her Scale, Saxony-Anhalt. The club currently plays in the 3. Lisa, the third-highest degree in the German football league system. For years, Halle had been in East Germany’s greatest organization, the DDR-Oberliga, up-until the German reunification. Nonetheless, like many various other groups from the former East, it after that experienced the results of financial as well as market decline in the region in the 1990s and fell down to amateur leagues. Given that 2000, Hallescher FC has ended its descending fad as well as in the 2011– 2012 season, they lastly returned to a specialist football league after twenty years of lack.

Crowd is not an expression for the current feeling world of Halls Niklas Freezer. After the 1: 2 defeat against the SHOW, the right-back worked, which at the end of the game of cramps were visibly taken in the interview with magenta sport. We do not reward us again for a great deal of effort. We go here in the lead and then those with one and a half scorchancies make two goals — that’s unbelievable, the 28-year-old described the gameplay of the trend-setting match.

Resignation? The troupe is far too stable in the head.

Niklas Cruiser

Thanks to the good appearance, the team raised Head of the Plate, but ultimately she is back without points. Nevertheless, there is no trace of resignation, because the troupe is far too stable in the head. Today I just go to the sack that we have such a game. In the eyes of the right-back was also the penalty, which decided the game in favor of the SHOW a joke.

Cruiser arises in front of Coach Schnorkrenberg

An impudence would be on top of explaining the discussion about coach Florian Schoenberg. If we would lose 0: 5 each time, maybe that would be appropriate, but if I see the game today, the coach may least be, he said symbol of his coach. Finally, the native of Munich realized that we are currently just bad luck. Currently, such a ball jumps like the one of the EBI (Michael Iberian; Note d. Red.) To the lath (88., header after a corner) or when Opponent is on the decisive moment again a foot in between.

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This opinion shared Schnorkrenberg, who also found it bitter that we could not reward ourselves today. In the context of the HFC, however, there is always something going on anyway, as the claims will not be less, and we were now four points less in the account than in the preseason.

The expandable dot yields could improve the callers for the coming Saturday, if it goes to the away game after Happen (2 pm, live! At Niklas Kreuzer) — the task is not easier but not. The EMIL countries mix in ascent race.

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