What happened to The Wolf Among US 2 TELLTALE Speaks about it

TELLTALE GAMES is a growth business and an American video game publisher established in July 2004 as well as situated in Malibu, The golden state.

The Wolf Among US 2 was revealed during The Game Awards 2019, BUT Since then, we have not known practically nothing about the game. There were certain expectations that the title would return during the 2021 edition of this event, something that obviously did not happen. However, Telltale Games was not silent and already explained what was the absence of the game in the award.

Via Facebook, the official account of TELLTALE GAMES said the following:

From December 2019, we reveal that The Wolf Among Us had entered its pre-production stage. The team is working hard, but surely they realized that we had nothing to show during The Game Awards. We know that you, fans, have been incredibly patient and comprehensive. We also know that they have a lot of questions about what is happening in TELLTALE (and Fable town) — we see them every day in social networks. The good news is that soon we can answer some of your questions.

TELLTALE GAMES suggested that the title could reappear at the beginning of 2022, but they have not yet confirmed anything. It sounds complicated that its launch can be given the following year, but at this point everything is possible.

Editor’s note: A part of me is still excited to finally have this sequel, but it has been so long since it was announced that my Hype for the game has been falling little by little. Surely Telltale will do a great job with the project, but it would be good that at least we had some teaser or something to relive the emotion by The Wolf Among US 2.

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