Tales of Alliz Recognized in the World Best Role Playing Game for Best Role Playing Game in TGA 2021

BANZAI NAMC Entertainment PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | RPG for S / STEAM Tales of Arise BEST Role Playing Game is received at The Game Awards 2021. Did.

Other Nominations in the Best Role Playing Division Cyberpunk 2077 Monster Hunter Rise Scarlet Nexus Shin, Goddess Tense V, from this, Tales of Arise is glorious It will be shaped.

Under this award-winning, the official Twitter posts gratitude words and illustrations. The voices of joy and blessing are rising from the fans.

Mr. Yusuf Okinawa, a game producer in the Tales of series, is Development of one outcome of these results in this way, of course, thanks to all the fans who received this work., I will return to the development of the series..

Tales of Arise is released on September 9, 2021. The total number of shipments in the world has overall over 1 million in the first week, and it has become a topic, such as over 1.5 million breakthroughs at the end of October.

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