Star Wars The Old Republic Extension The Legacy of the Sith is shifted shortly before released

Bioware moves only one week before the scheduled start the next extension The Legacy of the Sith for Star Wars: The Old Republic (from 79.95 € buy). Instead of how originally planned on December 14, 2021, the next chapter of the Saga will be released only on February 15, 2022. Actually, it was intended for the expansion of the Star-Wars MMO to enroll the ten-year anniversary of the online role-playing game.

According to project manager Keith Kan neg, the delay is partly due to the feedback from the public test server. In an update post on the official website, he explains that the team decided that the extension is not ready to go regularly online.

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The legacy of the Sith is something that the team has been working hard for quite some time, but the closer we come to the publication, the clearer that we need a little more time, Kan neg wrote. We focus on the additional tests on the many areas that we have changed throughout the game to offer you the experience we want and that you have earned. In addition, your feedback was during our public test server (PTS) of invaluable value to help us design this extension.

Nevertheless, Kan neg continues to explain, the majority of the new content and features of the enlargement that are not directly belonging to the story will return to public test servers throughout this week. The legacy of the Sith should continue the story of The Old Republic. Players will try to bring the renegade Sith-Lord Darth Magus on the Water Planet Canaan to the track. The extension also introduces a new combat system that should make the fight for newcomers entertaining.

The online role-playing Star Wars: The Old Republic was published in 2011 for PC.

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