F1 2021 Update with Season F2 2021

A few weeks after a third big update, F1 2021 celebrates a new update allowing player players with the cars and rules of the season 2021 in F2. The F2 championship is increasingly a passage to evolve within Formula 1 and you will now be able to test your level on the Cars of the category. In addition, the update brings changes in the operation of the F2 races with the different Sprint races and the Reverse Grid.

The current season of F2 on F1 2021

Code masters once again kept its promises since the studio had planned in September, that special content formula 2 was to be set up on F1 2021. If it had to wait several months, players can now enjoy the whole of the whole of the Paddock up-to-date 2021. In addition, changes have been made to more faithfully reproduce the functioning of a F2 race weekend with two SPRINT races and the Sunday Featured race.

Note that the F2 are very different in their behavior than the F1. Thus, with less grip but especially less support, the cars stick less at the track and are mostly, much more difficult to handle on the acceleration at the end of turn.

For those who are wondering, it will always be possible to control the cars of the 2020 edition, via a career menu option. On the other hand, this year’s cars replace the F2 in other game modes where the F2 were present.

So much for the arrival of the 2021 season of the F2 Championship on F1 2021. For more information on the game, you can find our summary of the main novelties of F1 2021.

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