Best chances of the World Cup quarterfinals DHB

Handball (/ (ʔ) deal/, German:/ Hannibal/) is a collective sport played by hand where two groups of seven gamers take on a balloon respecting numerous guidelines on a rectangle-shaped ground of measurements 40 M by 20 m, separated right into 2 camps. The triumphant stated team is the one that has actually marked the most goals at the end of the moment allocated, usually two periods of half an hour. Today basically contested in a seven-player fitness center (six field players and also a goalkeeper), there are also outside versions: the handball at eleven, historic version disputed on yard at eleven players till the 1960s, As Well As the Coastline Handball, used four-player sand and created at the beginning of the 21st century.

The German handball players have completed the World Cup preliminary round in Spain with a victory against Hungary. The chances of the quarterfinals are excellent.

Hank Greener was ready and ready. While Captain Emily Book and her teammates after 25:24 (14: 9) success in the nervous criminal for the preliminary round of Hungary beatified against the playing field, the national coach of German Handball women suddenly puffed through.

We would not have to do it so exciting, but we deserve won and are happy, Greener said after the passed hardest against the Olympic seventh. Even as the Hungarians the German five-goal leadership in the second half was equalized, the German Team remained cool. I’m proud of the team. She fought up to fall over, says Greener.

Best German Warfare in front of about 850 spectators in Lira were Make Schmoozer and Julia Maidhood with five hits each. The largest trump of the German team was again a strong defense, behind it shone the goalkeepers Dinah Eberle and Katharina filters with a number of parades. I am incredibly happy and lead proud of the team, as we fought in the end, said Schmoozer.

Thanks to the third victory in the third World Cup game, the German team has the best chance in the fight for the coveted quarter-final tickets. Book and Co., which had already made the entry into the second tournament phase with two edges victories against the Czech Republic (31:21) and Slovakia (36:22) prematurely started on Wednesday with 4: 0 points in the main round.

Handball World Cup: Germany in the main round

First opponent there is outsider Republic of Congo (0: 4 points). On Friday it goes against Taskmaster South Korea (2: 2) before it comes on Sunday to the duel with record Europe master Denmark (4: 0). The best two teams of the four main round groups move into the K.O. Phase of the XXL tournament with 32 teams. We still have potential, said Member.

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The selection of the German Handball Federation (DUB) immediately took over the initiative against the Hungarians. Through his moving and consistent defensive work, the German team came to the congestion again and again and thus laminated his shortcomings in the opportunity evaluation.

After exactly eleven minutes, three goals led for the first time (6: 3). Even as Hungary used a weakness phase in the middle of the first half to the first and only leadership (17th), Germany remained cool. Although Portray’s Eberle now fished a ball after another from the corners, the Greener team left no more hit in the ten minutes before halftime and moved with a 5: 0 run to 14: 9 of them.

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The second half started with a 0-3 run from a German point of view very bad, the Hungarians were hoping again and had already caught up at 16:16 (40th) the five-goal residue. A true thriller developed, in which the nerve strength of DUB women was asked for the first time in the tournament. Book and Co-Plate Alina Grijseels went ahead. With success.

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