Marina Eloise Corporal Painting Cosplay has more than a million subscribers on Tiktok

If there have been positive points that came out of this pandemic, it is the emergence of an incredible cosplay on social networks, including the cosplay of body painting. TikTok has become a sensational cosplay focus, many TikTok users seeing their jobs to become viral. It’s beautiful to see, and it does not seem to slow down.

If you consult us regularly, you know we love the cosplay. Every weekend, we are looking for the best cosplayers from around the world.

The last weekend, we shared with you the Cosplay of Jennifer Van Damsel, which is an absolute wonder and one of the favorite cosplayers of Cog connected. This week, we turn our attention to Marina Eloise whose body painting cosplay is fantastic, and it’s easy to understand why she has more than a million followers on TikTok.

His work is breathtaking, and it’s amazing what she can do with painting. It’s an incredible talent, so sit down and enjoy his work:


DUO with @Marinaeloise Who’s your darling? Joker JOKERCOSPLAY DC comics forge Jaredletojoker HeathledgerJoker Body paint Halloween FDP 4U

♬ The magic bomb (questions that you ask me) [Extended Mix] — Hoeing Read

Best Tik Tok Cosplay Compilation #39


More Beetlejuice ???? Beetlejuice BeetleJuiceBway Beetlejuicecosplay halloweenmakeup halloweenishere Halloween FDP シ for you FDP body paint for

♬ Original sound — Nicki / Eddie


I painted that for gaslights on Instagram! Check them. body paint body painter zombie zombie halloweenmakeup halloweenlook for FDP シ FDP

What Devil — April Ravine

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