Epic Games Store makes the dear multiplayer game completely free

Epic Games Store has revealed its last list of free games that are available to download right now. While the EPIC store has become accustomed to offering new games weekly for quite some time, this week’s lineup notably includes one of the most beloved multiplayer games that has been launched in recent years, which makes it a stronger rotation Of the normal.

As of today and until next week, on December 9, Puerto in light of day and While True: Learn () have become the latest free games available at EPIC Games Store. Mort in light of day is remarkably very important to be available free of charge in this way, since the 4V1 survival game still retains a fairly large audience. Instead, While True: Learn () Mix enough gender offer and gives players a puzzle title in which they can try their luck.

While this is the rotation of free games at Epic Games Store for this week, EPIC has now also revealed what will be available on this date next week. Like PlayStation Plus for the month of December, Godfall: Challenger Edition will also be able to download free in EGS soon. In addition, Architect de Prisons will also be free from December 9 and until December 16.

If you are not familiar with any of these new free games that have reached EPIC Games Store, you can find a description of each one below.

Dead in the light of day

Severn in the light of day is a game of multiplayer terror (4VS1) where a player assumes the role of the wild killer, and the other four players play as survivors, trying to escape from the murderer and avoid being trapped, tortured and murdered. The survivors play in third person and have the advantage of having a better awareness of the situation. The Killer plays in the first person and is more focused on the prey. The objective of the survivors in each meeting is to escape the Killing Ground without being trapped by the killer, something that sounds easier than it is, especially when the environment changes every time you play.

While True: Learn ()

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While True: Learn () is a puzzle / simulation game about even more disconcerting things: Automatic learning, neuronal networks, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. But most importantly, it’s about understanding your cat. In this game, you play as an encoder who accidentally discovered that his cat is perfect encoding, but not so good speaking human language. Now, this encoder (you are you!) Must learn everything you have to know about automatic learning and use visual programming to build a human-a-human voice recognition system.

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