Not competitive W rzburger in the relegation battle

The press conference after the retirement and at the same time open home defeat opened open homes-Coach Danny black with shocked voice: I hardly recognized my team in the first half. That was not what we have made and discussed. His team lacked everything that marked the opponent from Braunschweig. Grip, combat presence, aggressive shifting and starting were the table-19. Barely available over the entire season. Two-fighting presence only David Topaz showed a conceivable time on Würzburg side and gained the yellow-red card with a late and coated boarding at the centerline in the 61st minute.

The mood was visibly clouded at the open homes after two defeats as a result. The coach continued to be up to the performance and would have been able to exchange half the team after 20 minutes in half.. Under the line, the 46-year-old saw his team over the complete season not competitive. Hard words after a simply disappointing evening at the Wallenberg.

We stand with the ass on the wall.

'Just' Joe Lando vs Danny Black FULL MATCH

Marvin Course

Captain Marvin Course joined the words of the coach and spoke directly to the topic of descent battle: We have no choice — you can not descend, and you do not want to descend, that’s exactly what you have been involved. But from the explosive situation of the open homes, the captain would only be a solution to fight as a unit. He underlined that the Würzburg stand with the ass on the wall and can only solve the subject of descent fight as a team.

Tobias Gemütlich turned to conclude an appeal to every player of the team and said that everyone should look completely, if he really has given everything. Whether the sharp words of the Würzburg also carry fruits, will then show herself next Saturday, when at 2 pm the guest match at Halleschen FC is on the program (live! At open home).

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