Agricultural Simulator 22 1 5 million specimens sold in the first week

The video game regard to the year, which is frequently utilized in English Game of the Year (Got), describes the very best computer game launched for a year. There are numerous media awarding it, but no ceremony that links the term. Numerous games can lug the title the same year. This term is in some cases occupied by computer game themselves as well as not by an outside media. Some games have reissues, one year after the initial launch, called modifying video game of the year with all the included LCS. There are no accurate policies on making use of the debate but the video games that apply it typically do dozens of publications and also media that have applied this difference.

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This can probably be called a successful start: the for the first time in the long-term history of the developer team Giants’ software published in its own Registered Agricultural Simulator 22 (from 34.99 € for pre-order) can be a week after appearing on proud 1, 5 million sold copies look back.

Accordingly, Christian Amman, CEO of Giants Software shows: I’m so proud! On the team and his creative, flourishing environment. Successful to build international structures to lead an already huge series like the agricultural simulator with new pulses into a self-published brand is not a matter of course. The great cooperation with our partners enabled a fantastic start.

Boris Stefan, since April 2020 Head of Publishing, supplemented: The success of this first week and the great feedback we have received from the players and players, prove: The agricultural simulator grows in the right direction. Our plan, all Communication and publishing aspects to manage and manage to achieve the strategic goals of the company has been rising.

You can read the test on Registered Agricultural here. When looking for servers to be able to offer the cross-platform multiplayer mode, you will be u.a. at the colleagues of 4Netplayers.


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