Half Life 3 apparently junked in favor of RTS FPS crossbreed for Steam Deck

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Half-Life 3 supposedly isn’t in development, yet a new Half-Life game for the Steam Deck is.

The brand-new report comes from Valve News Network creator Tyler Clicker, as reported by Games. According to Clicker, Half-Life 3 isn’t in energetic development, and also in fact, no standard computer mouse and key-board FPS video games are in active advancement whatsoever at Valve now.

What remains in growth, according to Clicker, is an RTS/FPS co-op video game embedded in the Half-Life universe. This task is referred to as a nostalgia-fest by Clicker, including elements of Left4Dead, Alien Swarm, and also RTS ready something that’ll reveal off what the forthcoming Steam Deck is qualified of.

Through the new Games report, Clicker exposes that he’s gotten most of his details with data mines of regularly-updated Valve software program, and also has actually been researching this job, which is code named Citadel, since very early 2018. The initial report hypothesizes that we need to see Citadel within the following two to two-and-a-half years.

While we’ll be waiting a while to see what comes of this mystical new task, we won’t be waiting as long for the Steam Deck. Although Valve simply postponed the brand-new portable device out of launching later this year in December, it’s currently slated to release in February 2022. We’ve currently seen the similarity The Witcher 3 operating on the gadget (as well as it looks actually, perfect), as well as we have actually even gone hands-on with Valve’s new gadget for ourselves, which you can check out all around in our full speed Deck preview.

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