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One of the most underestimated class types are the healers, as you probably discovered when waiting for the dungeons to finally appear. Although they are still a DPS that participates in much of the action, there is a great idea that everything that white magicians should do is concentrate on keeping the members of their group alive. Our Final Fantasy XIV The White Mage Guide will help you start with the class and give you advice on how to make the most of your healing.

Healing is great, but does not kill the monsters | White Wizard

Not only do you give you Stone and Aero to defend yourself when you are doing history missions; These are viable attacks that can greatly help your group in a dungeon. Once you reach level 45, you even unlock a motion called Holy. This attack is a lifeguard when you attack great hordes of enemies, as you can stun several enemies at once, which gives your tank space to breathe and slow down the amount of damage everyone is receiving.

This does not mean by any way that your main duty is not making sure that your whole group is not eliminated, but interpreting a white magician is a balance attack between being a DPS and a healer. Next, some quick tips are offered that will help you determine when to attack to cure:

Your tank is suffering large amounts of damage and Regent can not follow the rhythm.
A boss is unleashing a powerful attack that will hit your tank.
You see a tank by pulling too many enemies at a time.
You are fighting against an enemy that applies state effects.
Your tank is annihilated, and your DPS needs support to eliminate the last drop of health from the enemy.

Of course, there are some areas of the game in which healing will always become a priority; We are looking at you, Durum Vale. You get used to what dungeons are healing a lot and require more attention to your group’s health quite quickly. You will also notice that you will spend more time healing in lower-level dungeons, while in superiors you can concentrate more time to attack enemies.

Rapid Council: Do not forget to use your cleric position to increase your damage by 5%.

You will continue to obtain more powerful attacks as you upload level, although they are a little more limited than those you’ll find playing a 100% DPS class like Machinist.

Handling of healing through the levels | White Wizard

There are a lot of different options that open to cure your group as you upload level, especially if you have the expansions. You start with the cure, a movement that only cures miserable 450 health points to a goal. However, when you have reached level 50, you can cure your entire equipment to obtain a considerable part of health at a time with Media II. Here is the deal with the use of healing spells:

Conjurer/White Mage - True Beginners/Returners Guide (FFXIV - Shadowbringers)

Media is always ideal for when your teammates are very close together, as you can cure everyone at a time. Also, if you have access to Assize, it is a fantastic movement of group healing.
Cure, Cure II and Cure III are excellent for different situations; You really want to see how much health your group vs is going to use The cost of MP of movement, in many cases, may find that Cure II works best for you to cure III.
Lift is always a good movement, but it takes a while to throw it. To reduce this, always combine it with SWIFTEST.
Presence of mind helps reduce the time it takes to throw spells, Sure cast is responsible for interruptions and Lucid Dreaming will help you restore MP while helping you maintain your low agility.
Regeneration should always be in your bar and in your tank. This will gradually restore health as they fight.
Sun can cure the effects of statues that hinder skills and deplete health; It is another basic element of the hot bar.

Movements such as Benediction and Rescue can be excellent in case of trouble, but only should be used when necessary, especially if you can not communicate a member of the group you are using rescue in them.

Keep in mind that many of the movements you obtain will require you to make class missions. Unless you are doing these missions, you will quickly go back, and you will lose some of the most powerful White Mage movements of the game.

Lilies, Shields and Fine Air | White Wizard

If you have the expansion, you can continue climbing your White Mage level and getting new really amazing skills. With only level 52, you will get lilies and the ability to use them to cure your team. An indicator will be placed on your screen to show how close a lily is to have and how many are ready to be used. Eventually, a blood lily will also be added to this indicator at level 74, and when it grows, you can use it to damage easily.

You will also get the ability to create barriers that will cure the health of all those inside with Asylum, and Divine Benson activates a shield that helps absorb harm. The asylum is especially useful to defeat in the fights of bosses. If you reach level 80, you even get a movement called temperance that increases your healing power by 20% while helping reduce your group’s damage. Also, this is also Thin Air, a movement that when launched reduces the cost of your movements to zero.

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