COD Warzone So you quickly find the places from secrets of the Pacific and wins the new STG44

In Call of Duty: War zone And vanguard is now finally the event Secrets of the Pacific online. In both games, you can now solve tasks and challenges to dust the blueprint for a variant of the storm rifle STG44 at the end. We from Mango explain what Challenges there are and which places one must visit to rock the Pacific.

What is this for an event? For the mood for the new Pacific Map in Cod War zone, there are the events secrets of the Pacific until 8 December 2021. But you do not travel to the name-based ocean. Rather, you should visit 6 places and find objects there. Which in turn, you have to keep you with you for a while, then the respective challenge is considered existing, and you also get a card for War zone.

What is there to win? Have you found all 6 objects, you get a blueprint for the German assault rifle STG44 called Bomber Menace. But the rifle is only unlocked when Season 1 starts from Vanguard on 8 December.

After the event was unplayable only by catastrophic crashes, it was removed from the developers, but now it is back and can be completed as intended.

All 6 places from the Pacific Event

In the following paragraphs you will find the exact localities of the objects. Consider, however, that you not only pick up briefly, but hold longer time. But you do not have to find the objects in the same round and, in fact, should hardly be possible due to the time limit

1 — The prison

Go to prison in the southeast of the map. Then go to the first floor to the showers. There in the locker room is a bench with a table tennis racket on it. This thug is looking for her.

2 — West Promenade

Here you are looking for an electric shop that lies between the station and the west promenade. In the shop you are looking for a stand microphone. This is your searched object.

3 — Airport

Lands on the airport terrain and then go to the Burger Town Restaurant. There is a cash register, which represents the searched object.

4 — Hospital

On the first floor of the hospital there is an operation room. It lies on the operating table a blue box with first aid equipment. That’s your goal.

5 — Mine in the northwest

Go to the northwest of the map where the mines are. From the westernmost building you go down with the zip-line in the mine slot. There you will find a dynamite button that represents your goal.

6 — Bunker

The 6th object is located in one of the 3 new bunkers on the map and can be found in each of them. The collective object is a miniature battleship.

These are the challenges in Vanguard

You have to do in Vanguard: The challenges for the STG44 can also be done in Cod Vanguard. But you do not have to find objects in the multiplayer maps, but only 6 special challenges do. Again, there are special cards or sprays per challenge and the special STG44 at the end. It does not matter if your tasks are all done in Vanguard or War zone to get the STG.

The 6 Challenges are:

Achieve 25 kills: That should be done by itself.
Achieve 5 Multikills: This should also be done for a reasonably competent player in one, two rounds.
Achieve an execution : This is actually somewhat tricky, ideally creeps around with the Ninja and Ghost-Perk and blows unseen to well-known camper spots. There you should have a good opportunity to remove someone from behind with a finishing movie.

All 6 Object Locations From Secrets of The Pacific Warzone Event
Choose an MVP in 10 rounds : Probably the simplest challenge.
Games with a Clank Amer ado 5 times : Draw a clan and plays 5 times with a member. Complete!
Achieve three victories : That’s also done by alone at some point.

So much to the challenges of the Pacific Events. They all are not very difficult, but they only have until 8 December 2021 time, so they prefer to do earlier than later. In the War zone you can then try this cool rifle: the assault gun EM2 use the best players of COD War zone — what makes it so strong?

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