LOL Perkz talks about how unjusting the functioning of scrims in the World Cup

The worlds of League of Legends ended almost a month ago and the signing market has occupied the first row of the news. For us, Western fans, is good news since the signing market allows us to pass page, after a very complicated edition where once again we were expelled collectively (both EU and NA), crushed by the Asian teams that They came from China and Korea. But while the gap seems to be increasing, Perez explained how the scrims system operated during competition, and we understand better why the balance is so unbalanced at all levels. The system is unfair and it is a real problem in terms of competitive equity.

The 22 teams and their respective level according to our information

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Our classification is mainly based on the information shared by Perez, who did not hesitate to give names. But although we have had the opportunity to interview the worldwide players / coaches a dozen times and to participate in many press conferences, we were also able to support the words of the Croatian.

Basis, Jungle of Peace confirmed that they barely had scrims during the competition. Some teams did not hesitate to cancel training with them.
Woman, Midland in AOL and Lulu in Galatasaray had explained to us that Russia and Turkey were also out of the training among the main regions.
KAZ, DFM trainer, on the other hand, stated that Japan had no concerns about scribal with Korean and Chinese teams from the play-in phase, even before the equipment was classified for the main event.

Who trains with whom?

Perez tells us that, obviously, teams belonging to Tier 1 play the best harvest and almost only face teams belonging to level 1 or equipment belonging to level 2 that They consider interesting. Therefore, we can assume that playing against Hanna Life Esports is more interesting than playing against DFM or Beyond Gaming. Playing with a Tier 3 team is really weird, if we do not say that impossible.
Tier 2 teams at Most train between them, but occasionally they manage to hook a space with a Tier 1 team. As this is the most extensive tier, it does not usually be necessary to organize training with Tier 3 teams, although it can happen.
Tier 3 A teams are often condemned to play between them scrims that are not of so much level.

Why is this unfair and is a problem?

Perkz Explain Worlds Scrims Tier System

Injustice is very easy to understand, since to become stronger there is no secret: you have to play and face the best. Whether in an official match or training, each confrontation is rich in terms of lessons. The Brazilian ADC Titan told us in an interview that was a dream for him to be able to play against a player like DEFT and that in the Brazilian scene the level had no absolutely anything to do. In this context, we can not really expect the wildcard equipment to be updated. Several of them will have come to Iceland to play one or two matches better from one against an important and insufficient region to reduce the gap.

Then the question of the problem arises and there is 2 schools. The first will say that it is not a problem in itself and that the goal of the worlds is not to do social. Let’s do what we do, there will be the best (Korea / China), the means (Europe / NA) and small (Wildcard). Riot depends on addressing this inequality or depends on the weakest to work hard to get further in international events? Everyone will have their opinion about it but on our part we thought it would be a good idea to force all teams to train between them, at least before the competition. I would give a little more equity and maybe I would avoid having a last 100% Asian box, since the Tier 3 problem compared to other clubs also looks a bit like the problem of Tier 2 teams compared to Tier 1.

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