How to get the Super Rod in Pokemon Bright Diamond and Luminous Pearl Connor Christie

As in all Mainline Pokémon games, the Super Rod is the best choice for fishing in Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl. The Super Rod not only releases more available underwater Pokémon, which you can make, but you will also find that what you move in is a higher level than with Old Rod or Good Rod.

How to find the Super Rod

To access Super Rod, you must have defeated Sin then Elite Four at least once. As soon as you have defeated the Elite Four, you will receive an invitation to the island in the northeast of Singh, including the combat area and the recreation area.

Take the ferry from Snow point City to the Fight Area, and as soon as you leave the boat, you will notice that a fisherman is at the door to Route 225. Approach the anglers, and he gets the usual Super Rod from Hype Building routine before handing over the article. That’s all. As soon as the dialogue is over, you have the super Rod and access to the rarest water types of the region.

How to fish for Pokémon

Now you have your Super Rod, and it’s time to harvest the rewards and catch a few Pokémon. Like the Good Rod and Old Rod, turn into the water with your character and use the super rod out of your pocket to start fishing. Throw your hook into the water and wait for an exclamation mark over the head of the player. Click the button A, and you start the encounter.

You can select the item for easier use by registering it in the Key Elements menu. Then the player can quickly access the Super Rod by pressing the + button in the game and selecting one of four registered objects.

With the Super Rod in Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl, you can now start new Pokémon from the whole Singh region. Both Dating and Dragon air are available on the fourth floor of Mt. Coronet if they’re fishing with the improved device. It will help you to catch a feet, which also appears in Mt. Coronet, but on the first floor under the surface.

All Fishing Rod Locations In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (Where To Get The Super Rod)
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Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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