Nintendo joins the criticisms of Activision Blizzard

DOUG BOWLER, President of Nintendo of America, sent on November 19 an email to the entire company expressing its anguish and disgust before the news that relate Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, with the concealment of information about the abuses committed within the company. It joins Phil Spencer, from Microsoft, and Jim Ryan, from PlayStation, which in recent days have sent internal communications similar to his employees condemning what counts the report of The Wall Street Journal and ratifying his zero tolerance before him Harassment and abuse.

In the email, to which fan byte has had (and whose veracity has been confirmed by Nintendo), Bowler expresses the rejection of him before what can be read in the newspaper. This information is distressing and disgusting, says Bowler. They go against my values ​​and also of Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and policies.

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Bowler also says that Nintendo has been in contact with Activision, has taken measures and is weighing others, although they do not specify which ones; The company has not given more detail by confirming the legitimacy of the mail to Fan byte. The mail has circulated among all the departments of Nintendo of America, included studies, and was aimed at the entire staff.

He mentions Bowler to that, the lobby of the American video game, of which Activision Blizzard is a member. According to Bowler, Nintendo takes at least a week collaborating with ESA to harden measures against harassment and abuse at work, and puts pressure on the lobby so that it is strict with its members. «All industry companies must create an environment in which everyone is respected and treated equal, and where everyone understands the consequences of not doing so, writes Bowler.

Nintendo of America RESPONDS to Activision Blizzard Allegations
Communication, thus, goes on the line of Spencer and Ryan. The first wrote that in Xbox they were disgusted and deeply concerned with practices that have no room in the video game industry; On the other hand, the CEO of PlayStation lamented before its employees that Activision has not made enough to face a culture of discrimination and very rooted harassment, and also claimed to be in contact with the company to clarify what are the steps they have Thought to give to prevent cases from that type to occur in the future.

Meanwhile, in Activision they continue to try to calm down the situation without Kick abandoning the position of him, a solution for which a part of the staff is betrayed as a small group of shareholders. His last measure has been to form a Labor Responsibility Committee that will work to eliminate any form of discrimination or abuse in the Company, as well as adding the Board a new and diverse director. It will be Kick himself who has to send regular reports to this Committee to expose the progress made by the company in this field.

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