Gesta 2021 SKT Metropolitan CO Candle Metabus Global Paradigm

On the 19th, the Metropolitan SK Telecom (SET) Metabus CO chapter has launched a keynote speech on the theme of the Etta Conference (ICON) to the Etta Bus daily and industrial changes. The former CO chapter conveyed the overall introduction and prospect of the met averse market for 1 hour.

He said that he was growing up as the met averse market outlook is growing. The metabus is a paradigm that shakes the global market, and this industry has grown in 5G, technology, corona 19, and digital native generation as a dramatic growing background.

With 5G, a network foundation for the meta bus, and Big Tech has improved customer experience in the meta bus while investing a lot of resources to research and development. The former CO Jean, MS, Meta (formerly Facebook) Apple, Epic Games, and NVIDIA, and the industry leader, such as NVIDIA, and introduced which research was released to prepare for the met averse era. The CO., C, SET, has a collaborative relationship with MS and also plans to use metabus technology.

Then, as a video call with Corona 19, a non-standing meeting like a video call was natural, but the CO Gang, CO, claimed that met averse commercialization was faster for 10 years due to the influence of Corona 19. In addition, the metabus familiar with the MZ household, which is a digital native generation, is that it is rapidly expanding its influence as it comes to mainstream.

The CO chapter fired that the met averse industry works well to work well ▲ hardware ▲ content ▲ service assets ▲ payment ▲ citizens growth is needed. He also talked about the economic activity in the met averse, the economy role of the meta bus, the economy role of the metabus is different from the traditional method, and can be organized into a distributed-open-permanent element.


In addition, in the case of P2P transactions and world acorns, in the past, in the past, there was a paradigm shift, and the developers should focus on this part, And it was.

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At the end, the former CO chapter introduced its services such as and Xbox Games Pass.

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