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NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Must (CDU) has defended the plans for a possible vaccination for professional athletes such as Joshua Gimmick from the German record champion Bayern Munich with clear words. You can handle the footballers are paid well, role models are also for young people. Thats the crucial point. And I find it, you must behave as well as role models, said Must at build.

Legal questions should now be clarified, announced Must. Yes, that has to be checked exactly, because for the one on the grandstand is leisure, for which down there is work, that makes a legal difference, said the CDU politician: But I think we have to find come over it.

Must had made it clear on Thursday following the deliberations of the Confederation and countries to combat the Corona pandemic that unvaccinated professional athletes should no longer be used after the will of land lifts when the so-called 2G control (vaccinated or recovered).

If we do 2G in the stadiums, so many people have to stick to either vaccinated or recover, then I find — and that was an opinion of all prime ministers — it must also apply to those who most physically contact the Square, namely for the professional footballers, said Must on Friday: And there we have asked the Federal Ministry of Health now, together with the Federal Ministry of Labor, to create the rules that that is enforceable. Everything else does not understand anyone.

Labor Lawyers: Self-determination right predominates

A liability for professional athletes is not compatible with applicable law, said labor law expert Thomas Schulz the side. The professional footballers are purely legally seen normal workers.

There is a general 2G regulation for workers at best in certain exceptional groups, but not for the public of the employees, said Schulz, Specialist Lawyer for Labor Law in the Hamburgs law firm Housing Kuhn Lure Wojtek.

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Whether it is regardless of a legal specification would be possible that the clubs oblige their players due to their health care obligation to vaccine under the employment relationship, the legal literature is evaluated differently, said Schulz: In my opinion, however, the right of self-determination The athlete to be able to decide on a vaccine itself.

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