Halo Infinite Solution Missing beta update leads to the BlueScreen

If you just want to start the multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite, you will encounter a blue screen.

This blue screen only means that the update is not yet available in your region. The dummy download is 280 MB and does not work. Thus, you have to wait until the multiplayer update is unlocked for you.

The onslaught should be curious here and most likely to force the servers into their knees several times. So if you want to play Halo Infinite, then you should bring plenty of patience, after all, it is a beta start before the publication on 8 December 2021.

HALO INFINITE | Multiplayer Gameplay & BETA Release Date News!

Solution: The solution to the problem is quite simple. Switches to My Games & Apps, then Manage and searches for updates. There then Halo Infinite Multiplayer is listed. Now download the 25.96 GB update.

If the update is not displayed, then restart your console.

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