Com2us Global E Sports Competition SWC2021

[INTERNATIONAL 24 Park Ye Jin Along Along Along Jew] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) announced that Summer Mourners World Arena Championship 2021 (SWC2021) finally completed the final World Final.

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The SWC2021 is held for the first five consecutive years since Com2021 hosted by Com2us and has been held with Google Play with Global E Sports Competition.

On the afternoon of the afternoon of the 13th (Korea time), the global lively SWC2021 World Final was unfolded as 8th of the world s fans, and Australia s Diligent was finished in the World Champion.

The game was carried out through online, including the online channels, including Korean, including Korean, including Korean so that the world fans can be watched in real time.


World Final Live Bundled records 162 million views at live, and the maximum number of concurrent users is more than 250,000 people, and exceeded the top box office records in the previous year. The relay image has also renewed the highest record, such as achieving about 265,000 views only for a day after the end of the competition.

On this day, 100 global fans who were recruited through pre-application applications have met a large LED screen. I opened the cheering video and cheeriness that fans produced by the fans, and I was planning to support the players. Prior to the full-fledged game, two-to-two event Daemon, which is the team, such as the far through finalists,

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