Wow is not a real role playing game says the boss of a new MMORPGS

Reformist a new sandbox MMORPG implemented by a Brazilian Indie Studio. The developers have spoken in a video about the topic toxic community and are also commonly received in comparison between games. It particularly disturbs that many players at MMORPG immediately think of WOW, although Wow was not a real role-playing game in their eyes.

What does the boss of Insane? In the video you should actually turn around toxicity in MMORPGs, the developers of Profanes talked about what makes the sandbox aspect so interesting.

The CEO of the Studio, Diego Beltrán, explains:

Most players did not have our experiences. They do not understand how great an Open World can be. And sandbox player does not work to make this understandable to the other players. The special thing about role-playing games is that you take a role and with this hard decisions.

Above all, a problem sees a problem in that many Theme Park MMORPGs are not correct role plays. The fact that there is basically no decision-making freedoms, there is no real role-playing aspect.

This disturbs him especially to Wow, the MMORPG, with which all other games in the genre are compared again and again:

Are you going to young players today, say: Oh, you are an MMORPG? Just like World of Warcraft? No, we are not. Wow, is not an RPG…

What makes a real role-play for him? For Beltrán, a role-playing game must have decisions and consequences. Anyone who does not have to decide does not develop his character.

As an example, he brings with Minecraft. Although you can play in creative mode in a peaceful world, but a real RPG will only be in hardcore mode, if you only have a life and want to fight the Elder Dragon. Then a mistake can decide on life and death and therefore one works much more into the character.

That s why he also estimates sandbox and hardcore games so much.

Hark ore Games are dependent on theme park players

Should hardcore players stay under themselves? However, a big mistake looks Beltrán in the community of hardcore MMORPGs. They say to every player who is not feeling immediately: is not your game, go on.

But according to the CEO, Hardcore Games just rely on these players. Instead of dismissing them, you should prefer to try to integrate them into the community, but also clear themselves that they do not have to be taken from the game, but have to look for an adventure.

You can watch the complete statement in this video:

PROFANE becomes a new hardcore MMORPG with many freedoms

What develops for an MMORPG insane? Profanes is an MMORPG, which wants to focus on the maximum freedom of its players. You can be whatever you want. The MMO is dispensed with classes and even on Level.

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You play in an open world in which there is PVP and full-loot
There is an action combat system
Instead of classes there are skills that you can improve by more frequent use
From your own house to your own city you can create everything yourself
It should give different factions with which you fight about the rule of different areas
There is a crafting system including player-powered economy
Weather should also affect the gameplay

What happens to death? Each player who belongs to a different faction in Profanes can attack and kill. If you should die, he can also clear your entire inventory.

However, players who are already well in crafting can quickly come back to a just as good equipment. Progress such as experience in skills or crafting is not lost.

What do you say about the statement from the boss of Profane? And appeal to the sandbox genre and a full-loot system? Write us in the comments.

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