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CoD Vanguard is a (very fun) waste of money.
Goliath is an American criminal legal representative series of Amazon Studios. The series is the series for ideas of David E. Kelley as well as Jonathan Shapiro. The eight-part initial period was released on 16 October 2016 on Amazon Video Clip, the German-language variation has been offered given that 18 November 2016. Major actor Billy Bob Thornton received a Golden Globe in 2017 for its performance in the collection. On November 4, 2019, the collection was extended by a 4th and also last season.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has a few days available consoles and PC on November 5, and if for some waiting it was long, other players have been quickly disappointed when they found face to face with one of the combat improvements of the Game, The Goliath..

El Goliath, the fusing combat improvement

Available at level 7, Goliath is part of combat improvements : It is a remotely controlled mobile pump. Players have the possibility to take the levers of the small vehicle for about thirty seconds, after which, the machine will be self-destructive with an explosion.

However, even if the main use that arises in the description is that The Goliath is a stopping pump, other players use it otherwise before the machine is self-destructive: crushing the enemies.

In a Reddit publication, the user called professorfatsak has shown another way to use the Goliath through a brief video. In it, we see that the machine goes at full speed and pushes the enemies in its path. Unfortunately for them, it is a safe death since the Goliath is too powerful.

As a reminder, This is a combat improvement and not a series of eliminations, which means that the players do not have to kill several opponents followed to wait to unlock it. Simply wait a little before the machine is operational and ready to be used.

Taking into account your power, would not be surprising to see that Sledgehammer Games make some changes and adjustments in Goliath in the coming days. If you want more information about the various combat improvements in Call of Duty: Vanguard, you can consult our guide dedicated to that topic right here.

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