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Tomorrow Fora Horizon 5. The racing game is part of the current gaming year for many players to the absolute highlights — and this also shows up the latest Steam Top seller. There, the Racer can place himself in front of EGE of Empires 4 or New World in the first place.

Fora Horizon 5: Racing Play Baller conquers the pole position

Racing game fans have the 09 . November Probably for a long thick and fat in the calendar. Next Week Tuesday appears with Fora Horizon 5 one of the racing highlights of the year. In the racing game, it takes you to Mexico, which offers all sorts of different landscapes for various spray tours.

How many players are looking forward to the release of the racing game shows a look at the Steam charts. There forza Horizon 5 is directly on the first place comfortable — even before Age of Empires 4 and continuous burner New World comfortable (Source: Steam).

SCHICK sees the road trip across Mexico in any case, as a look into the official trailer proves:

Fora Horizon 5 at Steam View

Fora Horizon 5 is already appearing tomorrow not only for the PC, but also for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

What will the next Steam hit?

Top 10 Realistic Racing Games (Simulators and Simcades) on Steam

After the release, Fora Horizon 5 is expected to stand for a few days with Age of Empires 4 undisputed at the top of Steam charts. But already now on 6 is likely to discover next Steam king: The Agricultural Simulator 22.

The Spillane is very popular mainly in Germany and can not only be found on the top places of Steam charts. Thus, a look in the Amazon bestseller list shows that the simulator is also there with the PC players damn high in the course.

Watch Agricultural Simulator 22 at Steam

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on 22 . November 2021 for PC, macOS, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

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