How to play Forza Horizon 5 Early on Xbox and PC

Fora Horizon 5 is here, bringing the best and largest map of Horizon Festival to our screens in stunning images 4K and HDR. With an incredible amount of content to read, it is likely for Fora Horizon 5 to run on your console for a while, but what happens if you can not wait? How do you get Anticipated Access to Fora Horizon 5 ? In this guide, we will guide you through everything you need to know so that you can turn on your engines right now.

Play Fora Horizon 5 early

To get anticipated access to this last Horizon festival, you must buy the premium editing of the game or buy the DLC Premium Add-ons. Each of them includes advance access of four days. However, with the official launch of the standard edition of the game tomorrow, November 9, you will only have a slight advantage if you acquire it today.

How To Play Forza Horizon 5 EARLY With Game Pass !!

Along with anticipated access, premium edition and complementary downloadable content offer other elements and content, content, so you can keep playing for longer. We have included what you will get in each one below:

Premium edition — $99.99

Advance access 4 days (as of November 5)
Extension 1.
Extension 2.
Fora Horizon car pass 5
Welcome cars package
VIP membership

The Premium Accession Package offers you the same content, but allows those with a Game Pass membership to buy it separately by half the price of the premium edition. In this way, you can download the game through Xbox Game Pass, buy the Premium expansion package and still get an advantage without having to spend $99.99 on it.

The same goes for those who play on PC. If you have a subscription to GAME PASS for PC, simply download the game in this way and then buy the Premium add-on package through Microsoft Store to get anticipated access.

That s all you need to know Play Fora Horizon 5 early. To get more tips, tricks and guides, look for Horizon Festival or see our game coverage below.

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