F rth The reasons for the Bundesliga

Just cheering about the deserved compensation of Cedric Kitten in the injury time, euphoria and with storm and drone on double strike and victory, replaced by detachment and bottomless disappointment about the precipitate: The ninth defeat in series for the shamrock had all the ingredients of a drama, With a meter after eleven playing days, it is the statistically worst Bundesliga of all time at this time of a season. I do not have many words, it s hard to explain, said coach Stefan Late, before he attested his team with a very good game. Football is sometimes not explainable, so we are back with zero points.

Late reported by a quiet atmosphere in the cabin and great disappointment, but said, This is over tomorrow, then it continues. So far, and that speaks if the many neck strokes for the character of this team, it has gotten up after each defeat, made her best again on the weekend — and lost again. Grueling. How long do the heads stay up?

The squad break makes the shamrock

Even before the start of the season, sport director Rashid Azzouzi, Late and all important people around the shamrock, knew that everything must fit, it should work with the class preservation. An even greater sensation than the ascent would be this, so Late in summer. Since he had already to moderate a cadre break, with stack, space, serious and Jacket left the Further four power carriers of the conspiracies rise break.

Instead, professionals injured in their old clubs came or substitute. When the squad was once again five new additions to the end of the transfer period, Jessica Lanka and Gideon had adopted two previously committed to the Lazaro for months before. This was followed by a 1: 5 at the start of the VfB Stuttgart and, after the only point win against Bielefeld, louder defeats. No debacle, often quite scarce, gladly for the same pattern: goals according to standard situations and individual mistakes, garnished with a harmless offensive. Recently, the setbacks piled up five players currently in Corona quarantine, with Nick Wherever, the next service carrier falls out long-term. In one sentence: what can go wrong, goes wrong.

Exceptional winter transfers almost excluded

But bad luck as an explanation would be too short. In the end, it simply lacks the necessary squad quality for the league. No wonder with the narrowest budget of all 18 first divisions. Nevertheless, there is no option for the shamrock. Late enjoys the backing of Azzouzi, to give up, he does not think. In the end, it will probably be about to decrease with decency and as many points as possible and financially healthy the 2nd league to tackle. Crazy transfers in winter are almost excluded, they would not significantly increase the likelihood of a sporty rescue.

Frankfurt nets late goal to keep Gruether Furth winless | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Realism yes, negativism no. Fürth will try again and again, after the international game period at Borussia Mönchengladbach. This is responsible for the francs instead of Have. Even headlines such as Tasmania Fürth based on the Berliners from the 1960s prohibit the knowledge that the financial scissors in this league have never climbed as far apart. The game against Frankfurt may have ended tragically, the descent would buy contrast by no means, only logical.

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