Svensson Fifth is beautiful but it s about what more important

Football is often only a snapshot, which Bo Svensson also knows only too well. Now we won the last three games, before three lost, says the Mainz coach in the first episode of the View podcast Fe: Male View on Football with Valeska Homburg and Anna-Sara Lange. Then it said crisis and so on.

Instead, the 05s won against Augsburg, twice against Bielefeld, stand in the Cup Octagonal Final and are fifth in the Bundesliga. It s so fast, and that s why we have to look behind the scenes and do not realize everything superficially.

For around ten months, Svensson has now been in the Office in Mainz and has preserved the club in the preseason before descent. The Dane does not want to evaluate his work only on the basis of result. After two weeks I sat here, there we had a point after three games. And I said it s about the longer perspective, we have to build something and so on. Today, he wants to repeat that exactly: It s very nice that we are on the fifth place in the table, but it s still about what more important things.

There are also difficult phases again.

Bo Svensson

For example? That people know why they come here. That they like to work here. Whether they are players, employees or fans. The club has to stand for something. Svensson wants to create a pleasant working atmosphere. I often have to disappoint players or make them unhappy. But in the end I already see that as a core of my work. I would like to give the guys a feeling that I like to be with them. I appreciate their work and give them attention to them, Everyone needs.

It is important to be a sense of belonging especially if it s a bit worse again. And that will be, according to Svensson: It would be a bit measured to think as Mainz 05 that it always goes on. It will also come again difficult phases. Exactly then the 42-year-old feels called to execute his job.

What Bo Svensson About Johnny Burkardt says why there is always warm food at home and why he wants to go to Hawaii soon: the whole episode FE: Male View on Football is now on all digital View channels and Bezspotify and Deezer available!

05 . November 202149: 21 minutes

FE: Male 01 – Bo Svensson

A head coach who has dealt with the big philosophers as a 16-year-old and dream of Hawaii dreamed about a job with a European top club – that s Bo Svensson! We visited him at the breakpost at Mainz 05 and got to know a reflected, humorous and sympathetic man, which surprises with profound thoughts. A very open conversation about his family, attitude, philosophy, the special on Mainz 05, and about contact with Jürgen Klopp and Marco Rose.

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