Kyler Murray voting Who is currently your MVP of the NFL

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The NFL controls the middle of the season and a few players protrude especially out. But who is the best so far? Therefore, we ask you: Who is currently your MVP in the NFL? Currently, quarterbacks protrude, but who s worth the sizes to his team? Is it dual-threat Lamar Jackson or Josh all of the Buffalo Bills? How good are the old master Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on it and what about ShootingStar Kyler Murray? Of course, the dice are not fallen to the center of the season, but if you had a voice in the MVP election and this would have to hand over now, who would then be your number 1? You can participate in the voting on the web directly here in the article. For App users, it goes to voting here. Articles and videos about the topic Experience the NFL live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. NFL Game Pass: Watch the Season Live!

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